Aspergers Syndrone - Peace from the Puzzle

Asperger's Syndrone

Experience The Fable and The Awareness

A quick fable of The Shallow Ocean animates Asperger's Syndrome as the goldfish, sharks, and lobsters await the dolphin. And it becomes an experience of creative awareness which rhymes their mystery with your advocacy.

"Get deep," in more ways than one, as this ocean fable symbolizes the psychological experience of this high-functioning form of Autism. We'll also 'dive into' interlinked traits like Attention Deficit Disorder, entertain worthy misconceptions, and discover the "ripple effects" to avoid in order to help awareness win! With Story Symbolism, Deeper Clues, and a hyperlinked Dictionary of Characteristics included, you're all set!

In addition, discover more like the following: It's a quick read certainly with long effects, to everyone's benefit. Enjoy the Scene-by-Scene section and identify the scenes and roles in their story, off the pages. Find "peace from this puzzle" from children with Aspergers, Aspies in relationships, and Asperger parenting. Dedicated to awareness itself!

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