Emotional abuse recovery from toxic narcissistic people and unawareness. Finally find peace from the puzzle.
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Peace from the Puzzle Series 

Cozy Mystery Series
Detective Kare Bear & Karma's Revenge
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Available as an eBook (Kindle coming soon!) Outsmart a narcissist for your emotional health today!  Outsmart the narcissistic personality against you. Available on iTunes.  Awareness wins when we recognize and outsmart narcissistic behavior against us!  Uncover the Mind-Gamer (Pathological Narcissist) today!
It's called The Starving Restaraunt, located inside the book. End emotional abuse by starting this riddle filled with psychological symbolism which becomes awareness of the many terms, phrases, stages, and red flags of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Available on every device. In more ways than one, find peace from the puzzle
Unmask the Narcissist's False Self, Empty Shell, and their emotionally abusive tactics today!