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*The following story scenes are extra commentaries from the riddle of The Starving Restaurant inside the book, animating the toxic experience of emotional abuse from a Narcissist. Let's go even deeper into the Seen-by-Scene: an Instant Replay of You! (Page 14). Definitions and examples of the Terms are located inside the book.

Excerpt from the Riddle
" avoid slipping, Manny begins walking on eggshells left on the floor..."
"Slipping" symbolizes a falling into the question, "what have I gotten to?" Over time, most Targets don't know what they can say without incurring Narcissist Rage or a Word Salad. So 'walking on eggshells' is what it feels like. Every anxious eggshell step becomes a their Affirmation that only their opinion counts. And this uncaged ego becomes unfair "the boundaries of hypocrisy." You consider their (alleged) feelings, while they never consider yours. Breaking the shell(s) may be a temporary necessity. It ultimately repels their tactics in store for you.

Except from the Riddle
"," the Waitress returns, "would you like a 'Wine' Menu?..."
Why would Narcissistic people invite complaints against them? Well, besides recycling the passion into a spotlight, the answer is in a safe prediction of their familiar reply: "Are you done?" This statement accomplishes 3 control-tactics at the same time. They are Minimizing your emotions, Breadcrumbing your self-worth, and Devaluing your efforts. If when the 'Wine Menu (or list of complaints)' becomes too true and embarrassing, they'll Gaslight that very reflex! These people are sick. But they can't be contagious and make you sick if you don't play their game.

Except from the Riddle
"...or maybe The Silent Treatment is our appetizer."
Not to be confused with the classic Gray Rock Method, The Silent Treatment is strategically like a shield that also pushes its opponent. It is 'judgment on judgment itself.' If you really think about it, it's blind Projection since it never sees it's own inner hypocrisy. Narcissist is so overwhelmed.

Notice these toxic relationship signs!

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