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Emotional Abuse Recovery

There’s a toxic handshake between narcissistic personality disorder and emotional abuse. And this dilemma is the only riddle where confusion itself is the main character! Narcissistic people keep their emotional targets in the dark, in denial, and even in the habit of blaming themselves! But everyone deserves the big picture to see what’s happening to their energy and anxiety, and exactly how their gentle and resilient nature is being used against them.

With a psychologically-animated riddle, we’ll explore these narcissistic tactics, with a focus on Gaslighting. In the riddle of The Puppet Master, a mysteriously famous ventriloquist reveals the real “dummy” to a potential fan. And as you attempt to solve the puzzle before the story’s end, keep in mind the eventual goal is solving it ‘off the pages’ in your real lifestyle, for the prize of emotional health.

The Puppet Master Revealed is a spinoff story from inside the riddle: The Starving Restaurant inside Book 1: Narcissistic Puzzle Peace.

The Puppet Master

The riddle tours the common phrases, stages, and toxic tactics associated with emotional abuse from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. With symbolism included, explore the signs and find your own dilemma ‘off the pages’ in this short mystery for emotional abuse recovery.

The Tactics
And later let’s take an academic look at The Tactics, taking this riddle Seen-By-Scene, with Symbolism, Fun Facts, Tips and Techniques, a Dictionary of Terms, and plenty more!

Off The Pages
This riddle is designed to entertain immediate concerns like:
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So start the riddle of The Puppet Master, learn everything about it’s ways, and be more prepared to “unmasking narcissistic tricks” against you like never before, for your emotional abuse recovery. Get your copy today!

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